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a526: conflict of interest in Haiti ? (fwd)

From: P Louissaint <totalcapital@email.com>


I am fairly new to that list. I still feel the need to make a proposition.

Conflict of interest, use of Haitian taxpayer's money for private matters seems to be an "accepted routine" in the Lavalas Government. The only way to change that is to do like any democratic country does: MAKE IT PUBLIC - (METE KAKA CHATE LA DEYO)

Since that list is made of  Haitians and Friends of Haiti, I propose that we create a fund to sponsor one journalist in Haiti. Since this journalist would have a "guaranteed" income we hope that he would be able to provide bias-free reports etc...

I understand that on that list we have Americans, Haitians, Lavalas, Makoutes, Convergence etc... I am optimistic and believe that we all want the truth to shine and we all hope to have a democratic Haiti. My hypothesis is that if we could have 50 people to pledge $10 a month or 500 members to pledge 1 dollar a month, we could easily fund a journalist who would have the financial freedom to investigate any occurence of conflict of interest within the Haitian Public Administration.

I think that would be a positive contribution to building democracy in Haiti if any variation of this idea could be implemented. The daily occurence of conflict of interest is almost "NORMAL" in Haiti. This is however abnormal and even a crime to spend just one cent of taxpayers money for private matters.

I am referring to the website for the Aristide Foundation for democracy which is hosted and paid for by the Haitian Embassy in Washington DC. I am also referring to the rice that is imported duty free by Fanmi Lavalas. I would not be surprised if that rice was also paid for by taxpayer's money. Will we ever know ?

Please comment about that idea.

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