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a539: RE: Haitian Creole Language Summer Institute (fwd)

From: Marc Prou <Marc.Prou@umb.edu>

Haitian Creole Language and Culture -- June 24-July 12, 2002:
The Haitian Creole Summer Institute will offer an intensive summer program from June 23- July 12, 2002 at the University of Massachusetts, Boston Campus. The Haitian Creole Institute has been offered in Massachusetts for the past seventeen years, since the summer of 1995, the Institute has been conducted at the Harbor Campus of UMASS Boston under the joint collaboration of the Africana Studies Department, and The Haitian Studies project. This year, the Haitian Creole Institute will offer a three-week intensive program in different levels of Haitian Creole. Also offered is a course in Techniques of Haitian Creole Translation for advance students. In addition to class work, all courses make use of language laboratory and cultural activities to enhance the study of language. For more information about the Haitian Creole Summer Institute, please contact Professor Marc Prou at the Africana Studies Department (617) 287-6796; email: marc.prou@umb.edu