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a565: Construction of shacks by Haitians cause for concern (fwd)

From: Daniel Schweissing <dan_schweissing@hotmail.com>


  Stray dogs and construction of shacks cause for concern

  Released Tuesday, January 29, 2002 at 10:21 am EST by transporter

  The Editor

  The Nassau Guardian

  Dear Sir,

  I shall be pleased if you will grant space in your valuable paper for the

  There are many problems we have in New Providence, but I shall like to
speak about two of them. The
  first is the number of dogs in our city that are allowed to roam freely.
At nights they bark, howl,
  over-turn garbage containers and yelp so that it is impossible to sleep.

  It is hoped that laws will be passed making it mandatory for anyone owning
a dog or dogs to keep it or
  them confined to his or her property so that there will be no barking or
noise made by it or them that
  will disturb others. After a certain time at night barking of dogs should
not be allowed.

  The second problem I am speaking of is the illegal construction of shacks
on properties ocupied by
  illegal immigrants (specifically Haitians).

  These persons do not apply to the agency responsible for permits to
construct their shacks. It is this
  writer's belief that buildings are to be constructed according to plans
that have been approved by the
  Ministry of Works. For construction of the shacks of which I speak, no
building code is followed.

  Many elderly Bahamians lived in some of the older areas for many years.
They have grown old and are
  unable to move elsewhere. However, they keep their houses and properties
in good condition. It is
  very unfair to have someone move in next to such persons and build shacks
even to the margin of the
  property. Such shacks constitute fire and health hazards.

  Why are they, the illegal immigrants, allowed to do such a thing when
Bahamians have to abide by the
  building laws of The Bahamas? Anyone passing some of these places can
detect obnoxious odour
  eminating from them.

  In many areas of New Providence it is an absolute disgrace to see how
illegal immigrants have brought
  deterioration to properties.

  It is this writer's strong hope that our government will deal with these
problems now. Many times much
  talking is done, but these are problems that need solving immediately.

  Thanks for you consideration, Mr. Editor.


  Rev. John Symonette

  Copyright (c) 2001 by Nassau Guardian

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