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582: The Henri Christophe subject (fwd)

From: Hyppolite Pierre <hpierre@irsp.org>

I just wanted those of you who would be interested to know, that I finished working on the text about the rule of Henri Christophe in Haiti. It has 4 parts.

The main purpose was (for me) to perhaps better understand the way Haitians do politics, and to see whether there is any myth about some of the leaders of Haiti's independence.

I came out with my own conclusion on Christophe, and also on Pétion who governed the Western and Southern parts of the country during that same period.

To those of you who responded to my request privately about the territorial extent of Christophe's rule, I thank you very much for your help.

I would like to only add that Christophe ruled as far South as Jérémie, according to some historical documents. Eventually, I hope to find out for sure whether this was true.

Hyppolite Pierre