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a611: Convergence and Lavalas need to talk (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

 The time is now for the Convergence and the Lavalas
to negotiate in good faith. The actors shall
understand the difference between a political decision
and the constitutional one. Haiti does not have a
constitutional problem, I urge each camp to set aside
all animosities and negotiate.
Last July the actors were very close to reach a
compromise; they should restart where they broke up.
The Senator of Port-au-Prince Mr. Dany Toussaint may
be in favor for a Redo of the May election and some
other senators may share that idea.

I wish Haitians can sit and negotiate then sign a
political compromise. We donít need the presence of
CARICOM nor OAS, we can do it. I urge the convergence
and the Lavalas to show restrain and use diplomatic
language. Please do not accuse each other of anything.
Just focus on reaching an agreement; bargains and
rebargains.  More concessions need to be made from
both sides. The idea the country is not ready for talk
is ridiculous, jump-start the talk and does it without
foreign interference

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