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a609: Re: a532: Erzulie ceremony by Moibibi (fwd)

From: Moibibi@aol.com

There are many Ezili loas. I suppose that you refer to Ezili Danto who is a
divinity of fertility. As such, she is invoked by many women who travel to
Sodo to ask for a child.  It happens in numerous cases that unfertile women
do not have menstruations and blood would be associated to the return of
their fertility.

Someone possessed by Ezili Danto is also known to vomit blood without being
harmed. One of her song goes like this:
"...set kout kouto, set kout ponya,  prete m teren nan pou m al vomi san e,
pou m al vomi san e, san m ape koule."

She is undoubtedly associated with blood.

Madison, I hope this can help.