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a628: Message on Haitian Materials (fwd)

From: Alex Stepick <stepick@fiu.edu>

[Please write directly to Alex Stepick at the address above this line.]

As part of the establishment of a digital archive and website on the
African American Migration Experience, the New York Public Library is
interested in information on contemporary Haitian immigration. The
Library is specifically interested in:

 sources of essential primary textual documents, including first person

narratives that should appear on the web site

 sources of appropriate photographs (including contact of
photographers for contemporary pictures)

 sources of appropriate illustrations, digitized images, maps, and

 sources of relevant images of artifacts

 sources of pertinent videos, documentaries, moving images, and audio

 related web sites

If you know of any of these sources and think that they should be listed
by the New York Public Library, please forward the information to:

Alex Stepick
Director, Immigration & Ethnicity Institute
Florida International University
Email: Stepick@fiu.edu