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a677: Re: a667: Duplicity by any other name (fwd)

From: kevin pina <kpinbox@hotmail.com>

      "We believe we have to hold President Aristide and the Haitian
government to fairly high standards of performance before we can simply
allow the flow of funds into the country," the secretary of state added.

High standards such as winnning an election by judgement of the Supreme
Court amidst allegations of your brother fixing the election in his home
state? High standards like selling your government to an energy
conglomerate, making millions of dollars off the transaction and laughing
all the way to the bank while thousands lose their pensions?
If any of that had happened in Haiti you can be sure the US government would
have screamed bloody murder and used it to further justify isolating and
squeezing the life out of this country. As it is, let's not even begin to
discuss the obvious duplicity of the "high standards" the US insists upon
being met by other member states in the OAS. US foreign policy is wrong,
wrong, wrong on this issue!!! All of this for a small and unpopular
"opposition conteste" whose livelihood depends upon sustaining a "political
crisis" in Haiti. The only reason I can think of for the unwaivering support
for these bozos is money must crossing palms or they must be sleeping with
each other. Politics does indeed create strange bedfellows.


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