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a695: Jean responds to Louissaint on Committee to Defend Democracyin Haiti (fwd)

From: Pierre Jean <pierrejean01@yahoo.com>

Okay, let's not be ironic. As bad as Lavalas's track
record is, we must never forget the idiots, imbeciles,
crooks and murderers who have graced the political
scene in the past. Otherwise, it would be too easy,
wouldn't it, for any politician to lay low for a while
and then resurface completely clean, like Ray Joseph,
Dejean Belizaire et al are trying to do now. And to
think that Joseph represents the Convergence in NY!

Point #1 - With respect to Belizaire, being beaten up
as an opponent of Duvalier, seems like a badge of
honor on the surface. However, Belizaire did not
exactly shine as President of the Senate during his
years as a politician post-Duvalier. Belizaire not
made numerous claims that could be considered dubious
at best but he was a "paillasson" for the military
when they wanted to pull their little shenanigans. So,
unfortunately, his good deeds as an anti-Duvalier
activitis were completely erased by his
anti-democratic stance later on ... and I am not using
those words lightly. In fact, if you would care to
show the list how Belizaire helped enhance the
conditions of the average Haitian, I will gladly
retract my words. I doubt that will happen.

Point #2 - Your example of lumping Belizaire with
Evans Paul & co, when they were beaten under Avril, is
badly chosen. It is the same Evans Paul who, for base
political reasons, decided to "forgive" Prosper Avril
for his anti-democratic behavior when he ordered him
beaten (how much did he get poaid for that?). Only one
of the victimes decided to press ahead with his claims
against Avril when the latter was arrested. So I am
not sure that linking Belizaire with that most
opportunitic of politicians, K-Plim, is that positive
for him.

Point #3 - We Haitians seem to be caught in that most
retarded logic that, if Lavalas is this bad, then
maybe things under the old regime were not so bad
after all. What a bunch of crock! Can't we elevate
ourselves a little bit above this political cesspool
that all Haitian politicians have been swimming in for
some time, including Lalavas?

Many times in this forum, I have skewered putschists,
Lavalas, and opportunists alike. I believe that the
political class AS A WHOLE has failed us, starting
with Duvalier and right on down the line to Aristide,
who is too happy to let his cronies plunder the
Treasury and what little resources we have at the
expense of the people. It is high time we look
elsewhere for enlightened leadership as it will most
certainly NOT come from this bunch of b***s*** artists
called Lavalas, Convergence and AC.

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