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a703: Oops! time is running out (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Oops time is running out
The lavalas camp is in turmoil and the convergence
camp is not willing to make any concession despite of
the repeated call of the winner of the November 2000
presidential election. At this present moment,
high-ranking and influential members of the lavalas
Family are in favor for a Redo of the May election.
Analyze: Lawyer Manus, the President of the
legitimate, CEP had fled the country: reason: Afraid
for his life; Mr. Preval who was the president of
Haiti had appointed unilaterally some members to fill
the post which is unconstitutional. Since the depart
of Mr. Manus the opposition had contested that CEP.
The mandate of that CEP was expired at the completion
of the congressional election; a new CEP should have
been formed by the same method, since most
institutions were not willing to send their
representative until proper corrections are made in
the May 2000 election, the Haitian president Mr. Rene
Preval had unilaterally extended the mandate of a
contested CEP to do the Presidential election in order
for his friend to get elected. In life one has to be
objective, Mr. Aristide could have been elected easily
in any open, free and fair election in Haiti at that
time, remember I say at that time, now the presidency
is up for grab to whoever who can run a cool campaign.
Since none of these folks can face the President in
any open contest if he is allowed to become a
candidate, an outsider who understands the reality in
the field, who comes from a moderate and honest family
and can get international support can win easily.
Now the big question: calls are made for a Redo of the
May 2000 election, for what reason? If the CEP that
had given the result of the congressional election is
unconstitutional therefore the November election is
The opposition is not going to challenge the
presidency of Mr. Aristide at this present moment, but
if the Lavalas does not have a majority in the
congress, the opposition will ask the congress to vote
on the legitimacy of the November election with the
help of the Senator of Port-au-Prince.
Time is running for the president; his popular support
is diving deep day by day, the elected officials of
his political club are killing each other, open
conflict between high members of his political club,
scandal after scandal, the latest conflict in the
senate between the Senator of Port-au-Prince and his
colleagues might spell big trouble ahead.
He must act now to save face which is sad but he
failed to read the time, don't ever start a fight if
you don't have any chance to win. The presidency is
not a privilege it is a responsibility.

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