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a722: The starving of Haiti

From: don rowley <don_rowley@yahoo.com>

Hello group,

I'm not a scholar or a writer, I was just a dirt poor dirt poor minister.
I went to Haiti and walked the streets of P au P, Delmas, and even Citi
That was where I realized that I had much more than I need in life. I am
in my heart  over the way my government has abandoned Haiti, not so much
the government but Haiti the people. Apparently none of the people in this
administration has seen what the people are going through. If there were
only a
way to get money to the citizens and stop the starvation. Our organization
feeding 300 children once or twice a week and that is all we can do with
funding we have. Colin Powell, it's time we quit worrying about the
situation and start worrying about the starving. I would challenge him to
and really visit, not the National Palace or the embassy, go visit the
Get off the main roads go back Delmas 62 and down into the ravine  Delmas
back where the open sewers only run if there is a good rain or Citi Soliel
where the garbage dump is also the playground for young children half of
have no clothes. I saw several of them picking through the debris looking
scraps of food. How many more will die before the Haitian Government
the US, France, Great Britain and others who are holding back money. How
do we
who care, get this message to those who don't. I wish someone would or
tell me. I for one am tired of watching children die.

Thanks for your ears,