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From: JSenechal@aol.com

Hi Leah Gordon:

Silva Joseph's tapestry or "flag" is made out of sequins rather than woven
with needles.  Silva Joseph's design is an art form representing his own
concept of a given reality at a specific time and space.

Silva Joseph's interpretation of a "female spirits in Vodou" is only his own.
 This view does not in any way represent the true " female spirits in Vodou. "

Several artists have used different forms of art to depict many objects and
subjects in
Vodou.  It is simply a matter of individual interpretation.  Asking anyone to
"decipher" the work of any artist, whether in Vodou or in Christianity, is a
difficult task.  Because each individual views the world differently.
Therefore, these forms of art are abstract in their genre.

Wishing you luck with your exhibition.  Happy Valentine's Day.