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a739: Haiti-Arrests (fwd)

From: Greg Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com>


   PORT-AU-PRINCE, Feb 11 (AP) -- Police have detained 15 opposition
activists and a journalist, an opposition politician said Monday.
   The men were detained Friday and Saturday night, said Jean Limongy, of
the opposition Convention of Democratic Unity party.
   Limongy said family members of those detained had confirmed the arrests
on suspicion of planning to disturb the final three days of carnival
celebrations that began Sunday.
   Police spokesman Jean-Dady Simeon said he couldn't confirm the
   Journalist Jennet Morin also was detained at his home Saturday, said
Wakimg Exume, newsroom director of the private radio station where Morin
works. Exume said Morin was not a member of any political party.
   It was not clear if the alleged detentions were linked to an attack on a
police station Saturday in Petit Goave, about 38 miles west of the capital,
in which one police officer was shot and killed.
   Opposition parties have been locked in a dispute with the government
over the 2000 elections that gave President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's party
victories in 80 percent of the legislative and local races.
   The 15-party opposition alliance Convergence has said the elections were
rigged. Although the government and opposition have agreed to a new vote,
they have not been able to agree on the conditions for it.
   Hundreds of millions of dollars in international aid has been suspended
until the two sides settle the dispute.
   The opposition has complained of persecution by the government and
Aristide supporters.