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a736: Re: a704: Durban on Pina Rice Scandal Comments (fwd)

From: kevin pina <kpinbox@hotmail.com>

"HOWEVER, what the critics ARE saying is that you simply can't
have elected officials feeding at the public trough.  Heck,
there are apparently even a few deputies wise enough to figure
this out."

You mean like the Bush administration and Enron? Apparently there are also a
few Congressmen wise enough to figure that out too. Of course, I am sorry
elected officials in the United States never feed off the public trough. And
of course there is nothing duplicitous in applying double standards when it
serves the interests of such esteemed company as Washington's choice to
represent "democracy" in Haiti. Nope, never happens just as we can pretend
there is no elite in Haiti that controls the economy and does not have the
financial resources to invest in building business infrastruture in Haiti.
While we are at it we can also pretend that US and IMF policy never created
the Rice Corporation of Haiti which enriched a few importers while
destroying the local rice production capacity well before this earth
shattering scandal.

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