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a734: Re: a715: Highlights of Radio Signal FM news (fwd)

From: kevin pina <kpinbox@hotmail.com>

Finally I can bust these guys for the skewed and slanted reporting they
give. What Signal FM, Radio Galaxy, Radio Caribe or Radio Metropole will not
tell you is that there were also 15-20 US citizens also protesting US
foreign policy in front of the US Embassy that day. Haitian and Americans
marched and protested together in a very conscious display of solidarity. Of
course it is not in their interests or the interests of Mr. Benodin and Mr.
Lucas for you to know this. It looks bad when the demonized "baddies" of the
Popular Organizations are seen covorting with the likes of American priest
and nuns in Haiti.

I personally witnessed several of the Americans giving interviews in creole
to these same radio stations. Not one word of it has been heard or quoted in
their reports. Shame on the Haitian press which demands so much respect for
their rights yet insists on not respecting the truth themselves. I believe
in their right to slant and miscolor reality all they wish but that does not
mean I have to respect them for it.

". Paul Raymond, leader of the Saint-Jean Grassroots
Church Communities, TKL, says that in spite of the
economic sanctions taken against the country, the
government managed to achieve many things. "The
Haitian people voted for democracy, peace, security,
transparency, and participation. Economic terrorists,
however, stand in the way of the people," Raymond
explains. He recalls that they said that 2001 would be
"really good" and that despite the difficulties they
managed to do many things. He speaks of health centres
that have been created. He criticizes the Democratic
Convergence and human rights organizations, in
particular the National Coalition for Haitian Rights,
NCHR. He took the opportunity to criticize civil
society as well. A people's organization, OP, member
says he does not understand why people say that no
progress has been made in the country. He calls on
everyone to stand behind Aristide. No official
ceremony is announced for today. (4 min.)"

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