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a758: The Haitian crisis (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

 The Haitian crisis
The economic situation of Haiti is getting worst
everyday, the Lavalas and the Convergence could have
put aside their animosities in order to reach a
political settlement.  But this crisis will not be
resolved any time soon, since Haitians donít know how
to negotiate.
Negotiation is a learning behavior like listening. It
will take a couple of years before the Haitian people
would understand the concept of negotiation.
Last week Caricom had called the international
community to provide assistance to Haiti in one hand
the Government had applauded while the Convergence
claimed that caricom is bias. At this moment, Caricom
can no longer play a mediating role in the conflict
since one party had accused it of taking side. Last
Fall, the Haitian government had claimed that OAS was
more lenient toward the Convergence. Therefore the
Caricom and OAS should step aside and let another
entity to perform that role.
Problem: the Haitian Government is at odd with the US
administration and I hope the Haitian leaders are
aware of that.  When President Bush was inaugurated he
did not send an invitation to the elected Haitian
president while a member of the opposition was
invited; the Haitian president did the same.
Personally, I will not invite the US president either
but one has to distinguish personal problem and
governing a country. For this reason, the Haitian
president should extend an invitation to the US
government even though he would not attend. This is
pure diplomacy. Donít ever stay away from your enemies
and donít ever underestimate them either; knowing
their main objective is to bring you down, just take
extra precaution.
The Haitian people are victim of an Ego war between
the current US administration and their own
government; Reason the wrong man was elected in
We have to understand one thing, popularity alone is
not enough to put someone in charge of a country. The
lavalas party should have known by sending Mr.
Aristide that the country was going to suffer if Bush
is elected President. Make no mistake about that.
Preventing the loan from reaching Haiti is not fair,
but what can you do about it? Once you can answer that
question, one should make another move. I DO NOT
Check it out: as long as Saddam Hussein remains
President in Iraq the sanction is not going to be
lifted; I think as long as Mr. Aristide remains
president of Haiti there would be friction between the
current and future US administration.
Now, it is time to prepare Haiti for the post Aristide
Administration and how to smooth the relation between
these two countries since we have a large number of
Haitians who are living in the US.
I strongly believe the Convergence and the Lavalas
shall do some personal sacrifices to help Haiti and
they should understand the principle that no one is
indispensable. At this present moment, Iím convinced
that the Haitian crisis will not be resolved without
the departure of the duly elected president of Haiti,
which is sad.
I believe a leader should not see only for his/ her
personal interest but for the needs of the country as
a whole like these Former Presidents Mr.Daniel Fignolť
and Mr. Dumarsais Estimť. The Haitian president can no
longer unify the country; therefore, his presence can
be more harmful than good. He should find a way to
exit without causing too much trouble. When a name and
personality become a distraction, one should take the
back seat and observe, sometimes one can be more
useful in the background.
"Nul ne peut etre juge que par ses pairs" Janvier
Joseph Alfred
W.L. Dept Chair & Varsity Soccer Coach
P.O. BOX 334
Smyrna, GA 30081

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