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a776: Open House in PAP 17th-Bushey (fwd)

From: Laurib <LAURIB@maf.org>

     Happy Valentines Day to all! I hope you have a loving and lovely day!

     On this Sunday Feb 17th from 1:30-4:30pm
     I will host my annual "Sweets Open House" in Port Au Prince and all list
     members are warmly invited.

     It's a fun time to see some folks from the list, meet lots of my
     blanc friends and maybe even run into old friends. I serve Sweet
     Valentines desserts like cookies and cakes. No need to bring
     anything, except more friends.

     This Sunday also marks the 25th wedding anniversary for list member
     Lance Durban and his wife, Nadia. We are planning they will make an
     appearance again so we can toast and congratulate them.

     My house is off Delmas and parking is much better than my Delmas 95
     house. Please write me off line for directions etc.

     Lauri Bushey

     or Lauri@hainet.net