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a802: Mardi Gras!!! (fwd)

From: Tal & Adele Woolsey <cleanwaterforhaiti@yahoo.com>

Bonjou Friends of Haiti
Just a quick update to keep you apprised of what's happening with Clean
Water For Haiti. We met this Saturday with a group of 40 or more local
pastors to introduce the filter and to let them know how it works. We had
a great response. One pastor gave us an order for 10 filters. People come
by on a daily basis to ask questions and to find out more about the
filter. The people recognize the need for clean water here in Haiti. We
were just one of the presenters at this meeting. Terry Snow the Director
of Y.W.A.M.(Jeunesse En Mission) gave us the latest census number for
St.Marc. We have always been told that according to the last census there
were 80,000 people who lived in St. Marc. That number always seemed like
an underestimation to us. We learned Saturday that the Mayors office
reported the number to be 280,000. Thats more like it. There was also a
Pastor from the Cap-Haitien area who presented and talked about "Nouvo
Komansman 2004" (The new beginning in 2004). If you are not familiar with
this story I will give you a brief rundown on it. It is the story of
Faust but on a much grander scale. In 1804 the people of Haiti dedicated
the country to Satan in return for their freedom. This dedication was to
last for 200 years and indeed it has. You don't have to spend much time
here to understand that Satan indeed reigns here. There was lots of talk
at this meeting about how we must unite together to reclaim this nation
for God. It is always amazing when we talk to people who have been called
to Haiti how there is always a couple of common threads in our stories.
Each of us has been called loudly and clearly, never with any ambiguity.
God has also told each of us that he wants to save this nation. Obviously
God really doesn't need us or you to do this as he is God All Mighty, but
I feel blessed and excited each day for the opportunity he has provided
for all of us (including you)to be a part of this Nouvo Komansman.
Well tonight is the official start of Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday). The ra-ra
bands come out in full force. It sounds like it is quite a party but
there is more to it than that. The ra-ra bands actually began new years
eve. I was curious so I went out to have a look. I wrote the following
letter to a friend on January 4th. I want to share it with you tonight.
Something is in the air tonight I can feel it. I have heard gunshots
several times. It was quiet last night. Everybody was sleeping off the
new years party. I guess they haven't even begun to party. They go at it
every Sunday from now until after Easter. It is very seldom quiet at
night here. Right now it is 10:45 and I am in the house and can hear a
minimum of 3 different Discos( I don't know what they are called but they
just play loud Kompa music all night). Off to the left I hear a group
chanting. It might be a church. This place is unbelievable. We saw a
Ra-Ra band go by outside the Gate on New Years Eve. That is really Eerie.
It is like they are mesmerized by the repetitive sound of the drums and
the clanging noises they make. People just start following along. All of
them in what seems to be a trance. We went outside and were mobbed
immediately by the kids. They shouted Bob Wouge and came and played with
my beard but soon the grown ups were there and they started to touch my
beard, thats when it got weird. Adele left right away. She said it was
too much for her. I looked down at one kid as he began to tug on my arm.
He had a look on his face that indicated that he knew something that I
didn't. He pointed at the gate and said "Ale Ale"(Go Go). I had fooled
around outside the gate several times with this Kid. It was obvious he
was warning me to get back inside. I knew I better 'git' while the
'gitten' was good. Like I say it is weird. The atmosphere becomes
supercharged but the energy can only be described as evil. Just rest
assured that I will not be out there tonight.
I am going to leave it at that for tonight as I have been very sick for
the last 3days with what I think is Dengue Fever. High fever, Aching
Joints, Sore eyes, Diahrrea, take a common flu back home and multiply it
by 100. You get the picture.

Good Night and God Bless
Tal and Adele Woolsey
Dlo Pwop Pou Ayiti