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a808: RE: a802: Mardi Gras!!! (fwd)

From: Martha O'Brien <mmcpeob@earthlink.net>

Even though I am not vodouizan, I am saddened, angered and sickened by
writings which equate the _religion_ of vodou with Satanism, especially
when the supposed "proof" is that people dance, go into trance, react
strongly to the beat of the drum.  In actuality, dancing, drumming and/or
trance are common to quite a few religions in the world.  Are all of these
religions Satanic?  I rather doubt it.

Could the "Kid" have suggested that the pastor go back inside his gate
simply out of respect for the pastor's sense of propriety, knowing that not
everything which the revelers might do would be in line with the pastor's
idea of good taste?  Or just to avoid argument later--so that the pastor
didn't scold anyone for anything too specific?  Or some other quite logical
reason which has nothing to do with Satanism or any other such stuff.

Has it occurred to the pastor that maybe God has called him to Haiti not to
save the country from Satan but to open his own heart and mind to other
ways of doing things?

That said, I must add that the clean water project sounds wonderful.  I
wish the group all the luck in the world with that.  (Although I hope that
one will not have to be Protestant in order to benefit from the