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a814: Re: a802: Faust or Farce? (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 02/16/2002 11:14:05 AM Pacific Standard Time, Tal & Adele
Woolsey <cleanwaterforhaiti@yahoo.com>writes:

<< I am going to leave it at that for tonight as I have been very sick for
 the last 3days with what I think is Dengue Fever. High fever, Aching
 Joints, Sore eyes, Diahrrea, take a common flu back home and multiply it
 by 100. You get the picture.
I too commend this group for bringing healthy water to Haitians, assuming it
is a no strings attached deal.  However, the above drives me to ask this
question of the author(s):  Is it possible that the Dengue Fever from which
you are suffering is a sign from God that He is displeased with your
interpretation of what is going on in Haiti spiritually?  Perhaps He sees
your perception as harmful to Haiti and is trying to tell you so.   You might
consider learning from the people you are there to help; they can teach you a
lot, believe me.

Kathy Dorce~