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a820: More on Toussaint and Toussaint (fwd)

From: JJEANPIERRE1@aol.com

In post 815 Max Manigat wrote:
"After this act of defiance towards France, there is no doubt that calling
Toussaint a French general is "technically correct" but clashes with reality."

Although this discussion could lead to some circular deliberation, the notion
of "reality" is what a society, a people, a civilization decides it should
be.  Especially
if the entity is a dominant one.  Jean Audubon's (who's related to my friend
musician/architect Anton Martinez) name has been changed to John Audubon
Why? Because those with the power to make dictionaries and write history
have decided that this mulatto whose contributions to the US are lauded
daily, should not have come from Les Cayes, Haiti. Jean sounds too foreign.
So the "reality" (US version) that is being taught in the schools is
different from OUR reality. A reality which provides us Haitians with some
pride of being from the same land with Audubon.
Some Dominicans will never forgive Haiti for having been occupied by
Jean-Pierre Boyer for 21 years while the Dominican Republic did not exist
It does not matter if  most of US' founding fathers were born outside the
Today every single American is proud to call them REAL Americans.  Who wants
to argue with them?
jean jean pierre