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a822: Time to start Operation Restore Hope (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Time for Haitian to start Operation Restore Hope
Everybody can see that things are not ok, it will take
a real leader to remove Haiti where it is today.  My
friends our country is sinking, we have to do
something about it. We cannot close our eyes and allow
this happen in Haiti. The Convergence and the Lavalas
are not willing to settle their indifferences despite
the repeated call of Haitian citizen and the
international community.
What is the alternative? The international community
is not going to release any loan to Haiti without a
political compromise between these two archenemies. We
know for fact that the convergence is not interested
in any real negotiation and we know the Lavalas is
trying to negotiate because they want some badly
international aid. The future of Haiti cannot rely on
these two groups who are fighting for power;
therefore, there must be an alternative on the table
and the international community shall be ready to
support it. This crisis has taken too long, and I
don't believe Haiti should spend the next 4 years the
way it is right now.
Today we are paying the consequences of our
inconsequence; if no action is taken the new
generation will face the future with the same
uncertainty that we are living today. Haitian people
you are responsible for your own destiny, foreigners
can help you, they can assist you but you must do the
work. If you think you are going to cross hands and
leave everything on good faith of others, Good luck.
The US government had dropped food during the war in
Afghanistan because they believe "van-t gran gou, pa
ka reflechi, pa ka panes dwat"  we Haitians, we have
our divergence in how the Haitian crisis should be
resolved but this shall not relieve us from the
responsibility in helping our brothers and sisters to
get some food.
We have hundred of thousand of Haitians who are living
in the US and Canada, we can get together and ship
food to Haiti. Don't worry about the convergence nor
the government, let try to see if we can save some
from dying of hunger.
For the pass 20 months we are talking, but what have
we done?
Let start an operation call Restore Hope with the
initial phase to ship food and medicine to the needy.
And make sure the food reach only people in the need.
Established some camps to provide shelter to our
youths nationwide.
Can we do that? yes, we can. Can we buy rice, corn,
bean and pea to distribute freely to the people in
Haiti? Yes, we can. Can we buy small gas stove and gas
to give to the poor in order to stop the
deforestation, yes. This is a necessity and we have no
choice if we have to win that war on deforestation.
I believe the sons and daughters of Haiti and our
foreign friends shall get together and find a way to
help the country without worrying about who get the
We can initiate Operation Restore Hope with the
initial stage to provide food to the people of Haiti.
Ready to eat military food, some of you have
connection with the US, Canadian and French army ask
them if they can help, and we Haitians shall be able
buy rice and use RED cross ( La croix Rouge) to
distribute the food to our needy. After September 11,
I have seen Haitians folks contributing in helping
America recover, we should continue helping America by
providing information to proper authority of any
suspected people who can harm this beautiful country,
we should back up America 100% in its war against
terrorist, Haitians national were among the victim of
the 9/11 attack, it is our duty to make sure America
remains a safe place to live and at the same time help
our country to become stable. I heard that a lot don't
give but show that person how to fish but at this
present moment we shall focus on giving and prepare
them to be self sufficient.
 Joseph Alfred, P.O. BOX 334, Smyrna, GA 30081

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