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a851: Re: a838 & a839: Satan/Protestant discussion Rowley to Dorce(fwd)

From: Don Rowley <don_rowley@yahoo.com>

Hi Kat,

It's funny how you and I only popup on this list
occasionally when we really feel passionate about
something. I had to respond to this because I am tired
of some of my Christian brothers and sisters and the
way they look at others who believe differently. Some
ministries in Haiti say you can't come to my school,
eat my food, live under my roof etc. unless you are or
are open to becoming a Christian. I think this is what
you were talking about when you said..."don't pay the
people to believe your way". AMEN, you can't force
people over to your side. I recently wrote here on the
list that the U.S. and others who are holding back
help to Haiti because of the political situation need
to look at the starving people first. Well it is the
same with Christianity. Christ fed the 5 thousand. All
of them not just the believers. He never forced
himself on anyone. He told them the truth and let them
decide and would have continued to feed them whether
they followed Him or not. He loved them all not just
the believers and He continued to love them whether
they followed Him or not. People who try to lure
others to there side with food in a place where food
is so precious need to just try love.

<<cleo714: wrote: I know many people of different
nationalities who are more Haitian
in heart than the many opportunists who have raped the
country for so many years.

<<lakat wrote:........and if you are a guest in Haiti
(for however many years it may be and however good you
may be) you are possibly accepted and loved but you
are not Haitian......and you will never be Haitian.

It is true I am and never will be Haitian but I'll
tell some of my Christian brethren that I have more in
common with Mambo Racine than I do with some of them
because I believe her and I have something in common
we love the people of Haiti, and would give everything
except our religious beliefs to help them.

To my Christian Brother Ken I can say I have seen more
people come to Christ by loving, caring, and trying to
understand them, than by telling them they have a
spiritual problem and they are going to hell if they
don't listen up. Care for them so deeply that they
want to know why you care, and then you can tell them
about Christ in you. God is soverign you don't have to
rush them to salvation, take your time, cause God
isn't going to let anything happen to them that isn't
supposed to happen.

Finally, if there was a pact with satan (I've heard
the story before too) Abraham asked God if he found
one righteous man in Sodom would He spare that city?
God said yes He would spare Sodom if he found just
one. There are too many righteous men and woman in
Haiti praying for their country to believe my God
would hold that over the country. Haiti is not in
trouble because of a pact with satan or any Vodou
demon or anything else besides the fact she needs a
hand up instead of a hand out. Just like the street
people (sorry for the comparison, it is what I know)
of any US city feed them and house them and don't show
them the way out and they will still be on the street.
But teach them a needed trade and they will one day
fend for themselves. Show people love and they will
want to know why you love them.

My pastor says, "People do not care how much you
know....until they know how much you care!!

Bondye beni tout moun

 Don Rowley <><

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