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a878: Toussaint "Ginou" Louverture ? (fwd)

From: Dr Allen <drallen@periogroup.com>

    Mr. Jean St-Vil writes: "Toussaint Ginou Louverture was the grandson of
King Gaou Ginou (of the Aradas people)."
    It is reported that Toussaint was indeed the grandson of Gaou Ginou and
that his father who was well known died in 1804 at the age of 100+.
    However, this is the first time I see the name Toussaint Ginou
    As far as I know, Toussaint's name at birth was Francois Dominique
Toussaint.  Even the name Louverture was added in the 1790's while toussaint
was in his fifties.
    Would Jean be kind enough to share his sources with us.
    Joseph A. Allen DDS
    Miami, FL