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a883: Re: a879: Political Notes Fill Carnival in Haiti (fwd)

From: "Mondesir & Alexis, P.A." <metalaw@bellsouth.net>

I thought that I already read this article and althought obviously biased, I decided not to post a comment.  However, it comes back a week later and I feel that it merit a comment from me, one who was in Haiti for the Kanaval.

The Kanaval in Haiti was beautiful and successful and not overly marred by political messages against President Aristide or Lavalasse.  Most of the bands were busy fighting with each other as was the case for T-Vice and Djakout Mizik whose theme centered around the celebration of the wedding of Sweet Mickey and Roberto Martino (the lead singer of T-Vice).  What the article failed to mention is that some popular racine bands called for the missions to stop going to Haiti and even went as far as calling the obeservers "Demagogues".  For Example, Chandelle's kanaval talks about when Sonthonax entered in Haiti for a mission, it is all "Maniguette".  Forgive the spelling, but every Haitian should that it means "Bluff".  It continues by asking all Haitians and Diaspora to do something for Haiti.  Tokay, very government friendly, was also very critical of the "friends of Haiti" and all the manipulations going around among other things.

Of all the songs that I heard, only Sweet Mickey's was blatantly anti Lavalas.  I also want to add that Michel Martelly proclaimed himself President of Kompa during the coup years while President Aristide was in exile with his song "Sweet Mickey au Palais National".  He did it in the same fashion that Michael Jackson has self proclaimed himself the "King of POP"

Gabrielle Alexis