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a889: Pierre Jean on the Cuomo visit to Haiti (fwd)

From: Pierre Jean <pierrejean01@yahoo.com>

How kind of Michelle Karshan to brief us on the
Cuomos' visit to Haiti "to demonstrate their support
for the Haitian people."

Now let's get to the real reason of their visit, even
if they didn't tell us: Andrew Cuomo is running for
governor against Carl McCall in the Democratic
primaries. He is running against a black fellow who
may score some points with minorities ... unless he
manages to score points of his own with some groups,
like Haitian-American voters. He gets to Haiti,
condemns the "blockade" against Haiti, and in exchange
he gets the endorsement of the president, who will
urge Haitian-Americans in NY to vote for Cuomo.

That's politics US-style, so I won't knock Cuomo for
seizing the opportunity to score some points. But
let's not pretend for a minute that these guys wasted
their time on a 3.5 hour flight (actually 7 for the
roundtrip) to Port-au-Prince just because they love us
so much.

By the way, Cuomo and Pataki both visited the DR
recently just so they could score points in Washington
Heights with the massive Dominican population living
there. And if they could, they probably would fly all
the way to China just to impress the Chinatown folks.
I threw in this information just in case we thought we
were special. Well, we ain't!

Pierre Jean

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