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a893: corrected citation for Thomas Anderson White paper: ecologyprojects in Haiti (fwd)

From: Stuart M Leiderman <leidermn@cisunix.unh.edu>

dear Group:

a reader alerted me to a typo in my citation earlier this week to a really
good paper by Thomas Anderson White concerning the challenge of ecology
projects in Haiti.  here it is corrected, along with an additional paper
of his that I found in my search.  they are enjoyable and instructive to
read.  thanks for any questions or comments.

Stuart Leiderman

- - - - - - -

Thomas Anderson White, University of Minnesota, 1992,
"Peasant Iniiative for Soil Conservation: Case Studies of Recent Technical
and Social Innovations from Maissade, Haiti"

<snip> "To conclude, the following specific recommendations should be
considered by individuals concerned with soil conservation and sustained
rural development in Haiti:  1) use group-based extension strategies; 2)
use extension strategies in which peasant and technicial knowledge is
"shared" in conversation (rather than persuasion) for the
identification, design and testing of new practices; 3) promote practices
which combine elements familiar to peasants, are simple, of minimal
uncertainty, show short-term returns, and can be sequentially adopted;
and 4) explicitly aim at reinforcing local innovative capacity." <snip>

- - - - - - -

T. Anderson White, University of Minnesota, 1994,
"Policy Lessons from History and Natural Resource Projects in Rural Haiti"

<snip> [from the forward] "...White concludes that neither past policies
nor projects have substantially, and positively, changed the principal and
growing land use problem in rural Haiti, namely, declining rural
productivity and welfare. If policies and projects are to aid rural
development in Haiti, they must first address political repression,
pervasive insecurity, and inadequate access to education, capital, and
local organizations.  These are the causes of the problems.  Deforestation
and low levels of farm technology are only symptoms." <snip>

- - - - - - -

Stuart Leiderman
Environmental Response