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a896: Re: a894: Haiti: Civil Society (HA!) Dorce comments (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 02/22/2002 5:31:48 PM Pacific Standard Time, << Robert
Benodin <r.benodin@worldnet.att.net>writes:

 Haiti: Civil Society Initiative Group reminds Black Caucus of aid conditions
 BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Feb 22, 2002

 The Civil Society Initiative Group [GISC] hopes that the [US Congressional]
 Black Caucus congressmen will reconsider their strategy for the resumption
 of international assistance to Haiti. GISC leaders point out that the
 financial organizations impose conditions on the country for the resumption
 of international aid. The GISC encourages the Black Caucus to play a
 positive role in the search for a solution to the crisis. >>
It is the US Congressional BLACK Caucus not the US Congressional FRENCH
Caucus........so unfortunately, I think this argument will fall on deaf
ears........one can only hope.  It's too bad that self interest continues to
be the driving force for Aristide's opposition. If there were the LEAST bit
of nobility and love of country shown, I'm sure they would be garnering a
following.  As it is.....they are a joke.  As is the IRI and what is this BBC
thing?  Is it the BBC that is the Television company of Great Britain?  Or is
it an acronym for something less well known and less savory?

Kathy Dorce~