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a898: Re: a880: (a874): Lawmaker's assassination: A differentWharram answers Chamberlain : Corbett comments

From: Bryan L.Wharram <netincome@l2bf.com>

My two cents in defense of my father (not that he needs any defending).

Several list members posted in the past complaining about various news items pertaining to Haiti that were either sloppy, biased, or deliberately deceiving.  Questioning possible innacuracies or discrepencies in news items is the prerogative of any news comsumer, and those who care about the subject matter (as my dad cares about Haiti) feel a responsibility to point them out or to seek clarification.

Chamberlain's directive "Mr Wharram, please stay out of the news business." is unwarranted and possibly mean-spirited.

Mr. Chamberlain, what is the purpose of the news business if not to inform the general public? I would think you would prefer those who read the news critically to those who unthinkingly accept whatever is written.  You certainly point out inconsistencies or inacuracies you perceive.

Bryan Wharram

[Bob Corbett adds:  As moderator I do have a policy of not attacking list
members personally for items they post.  I erred and should not have
allowed that comment of Greg's on to the list.  I apologize to Bruce
Wharram for having let that slip through.  I welcome disagreement on
issues, but should not have allowed that more personal attack to be

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