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William Deegan Family of St. Louis, Missouri

William Deegan Family of St. Louis, Missouri

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William (1856-1915) and Rose Clinton (1863-1928) DEEGAN

They were the parents of the following children:

  • William P. DEEGAN (1882-1933) married Anna YENNETT (1880-1947) in St. Louis in 1901. They had four children; William E, Joseph W., Ruth C., and Helen.

  • Mary E. DEEGAN(1883-1962) married William MCLAUGHLIN (1878-1908). They had one daughter: Marie McLaughlin.

  • Laura(Lottie)DEEGAN (1885-1953) married Edward RILEY (1884-1908)in 1905 , then in 1915 she married James O'ROURKE (1875-1926), and after he died, she married Arthur Liebrock (1881-1974)in 1927 but the marriage didn't last, so in about 1930 she married Arthur BOHLER (1889-1948). Laura and James O'Rourke had one daughter, Rose Marie O'Rourke. Laura was step mother to Arthur Bohler's son Arthur Jr.

  • Eva DEEGAN (1888-1892) Eva died at just 4 years old.

  • Joseph DEEGAN (1891-1926) Joseph may have married but no record has been found of it at this time.

  • Ruth DEEGAN (1894-1894) Ruth died at only 1 year old.

  • Helen DEEGAN (1895-1975) married Clifford F ZAPF(1880-1963) in 1922 in St. Louis, Missouri. Helen was step mother to Clifford's children by his late wife Irene.

  • James DEEGAN (1899-1929) married Elizabeth E. DELANEY (1901-1990) in St. Louis, Missouri. James died just 5 years later, they had no children.

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