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Union Station at Turn of the Century Left: Photo of Union Station Midway at the turn of the century


1855 – City Limits of St. Louis expanded to area of 13.94 Square miles, Pacific Railroad opened.

1856 – In September 1856 - William Deegan was born to Patrick and Catherine Towell Deegan in St. Louis, Missouri (per marriage record and 1900 census)

1859 - Street railway operations commenced.

1863 – 10 Jan 1863 - Rose Clinton was born to Patrick and Bridget Holland Clinton in St. Louis, Missouri (per marriage record and death cert)

1870 U.S. Census – Patrick Clinton is listed as head of household with Bridget his wife and 4 children:

1870 – U.S. Census – Patrick and Catherine Deegan – still searching 1870 Census for this couple

1874 – Dedication of EADS BRIDGE. (National Monument)

1876 – City of St. Louis separated from St. Louis County

1878 - - Public telephone service inaugurated

1879 – 22 Dec 1879 - William Deegan (22yrs) married Rose Clinton (16yrs) at St. Cronan’s Catholic Church in St. Louis, Missouri, Witnesses were Thomas and Anna McGrath

1879 – 01 Sept 1879 -Two entries in the Deegan Family Calvary Cemetery plot purchased by Rose Deegan, are dated the same exact day, (transfers from another lot/Cem?): Bridget Clinton, 54 years old (mother of Rose Clinton Deegan?), and) Kate Deegan, age code is 999 (=undetermined age) (mother of William Deegan?).

1880 - U. S. Census – William Deegan is listed as head of household, Rosa is listed as his wife, with a child of 3 years old, by the name of Katie Peterson, listed as niece in the household. William’s occupation is “works in Brickyard”. His parents both born in Ireland.

1882 – 17 Feb 1882 - Birth of son William P. Deegan in St. Louis, Missouri

1883 – 03 May 1883 - Birth of daughter Mary E. (Mazie) Deegan in St. Louis, Missouri

1886 – 26 Jan 1886 - Birth of daughter Louella (Laura-Lottie) Deegan in St. Louis, Missouri

1888 – In July 1888 - Birth of daughter Eva Deegan in St. Louis, Missouri

1889 - Terminal Railroad Association organized.

1891 – 13 May 1891 – Death of Patrick Deegan, husband of Catherine Towell Deegan, father of William, Sallie, James and ____ at age __, buried in Leavenworth National Cemetery, Leavenworth, Kansas

1891 – 04 June 1891 – Birth of son Joseph F. Deegan in St. Louis, Missouri

1892 – 25 Sept 1892 – Death of daughter Eva Deegan, 1516 Joab St., St. Louis, Mo at 4 years old, of Congestive Fever, per St. Louis Mo. burial certificate #7044. Buried in Deegan family plot in Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri

1893 – 22 April 1893 - Per an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Newspaper, dated this day: “Mrs. Rosa Deegan, living at 1516 Joab Street, got out a summons to-day against her husband William, for disturbing her peace. They have been married for thirteen years and she states that he has ill-treated her during most of that time. She has been compelled, she states, to make her living by taking in washing. Yesterday she stated that her husband spilled the water with which she was washing, over the stove and put the fire out, so she concluded that she would prosecute him.”

1893 – 06 Nov 1893 – Birth of baby Ruth Deegan to Rose and William Deegan.

Note: We get an idea of what life was like for Rosa Deegan when we step back and look at this time span of her life. Within these eight years (1891-1899) Rosa Clinton Deegan, age 35, brought four babies into the world, two sons, who survived, and two daughters who both died young, one at 4 years of age, the other just one year old. All while Rosa was struggling to make a living for herself and her children, first by taking in washing, later working at Union Station.

1894 - Union Station opened. (Rose Deegan and her three sons would work at the Station/Railroad)

1894 – 09 Nov 1894 – Death of daughter Ruth Deegan, 1 yr, 2 days old, 3218 Hickory St., St. Louis, Mo. Per St. Louis City Death Register, Vol 31, Page 103, This infant is buried in the family lot at Calvary Cemetery.

1895 – About 1895 – Birth of daughter Helen Deegan in St. Louis, Missouri

1899 – About 1899 – Birth of son James Deegan in St. Louis, Missouri

1900 - U. S. Census – William Dugan (sic) (42 yrs) is listed as head of household, renting house at 2634 Rutger Street. Born in Missouri, can read, write & speaks English.

1901 – 14 Oct 1901 - Marriage of William P. Deegan to Anna Yennett at St. Cronan Catholic Church in St. Louis, Missouri

1901 - 21 Sept 1901 – Birth of grandson William E Deegan to William and Anna Deegan, St. Louis, Mo.

1904 – Opening of the St. Louis World’s Fair to celebrate Louisiana Purchase held in Forest Park and vicinity.

1905 – In March 1905 - Marriage of Mary E Deegan to William B McLaughlin in St. Louis, Missouri

1905 - 12 September 1905 - Birth of Joseph Walter Deegan to William P and Anna Deegan

1905 - 10 August 1905 Marriage of Louella (Laura) Deegan to Edward Riley (1884-1908) in St. Louis, Missouri

1908 – 16 April 1908 Birth of granddaughter Ruth Catherine Deegan to William and Anna Deegan, St. Louis, Mo.

1908 – 11 July 1908 - Death of Edward Riley (husband of Louella (Laura) Deegan) at age 23, of Bright’s disease.

1910 - City Directory lists Rose Deegan as Asst. Matron, r 1215 Montrose Av., St. Louis Missouri (but not widow). The only William Deegan is listed as jr. engineer, r. 2920 Chouteau Ave.

1910 – U.S. Census - William Deegan is listed (April 1910) as head of household and renting at 2211 Hickory Street married 30 years. Rose states she is mother of 8 children, 6 are living. (Ruth & Eva) All four parents of Rose and William born in Ireland.

1911 - – Death of Catherine Deegan, mother of William, (widow of Patrick Deegan) 1517 So. Compton, St. Louis, Missouri, at 79 yrs old of Valvular Heart Disease, Rheumatism and Senile Debility

1912 - Birth of Helen M. Deegan to William P. and Anna Deegan

1914 – Birth of Marie McLaughlin, granddaughter (Mary E. “Mazie” Deegan and William McLaughlin)

1915 – 21 Sept 1915 - Calvary Cemetery Record -William (infant) Deegan, (re-buried 14 Feb 1916) in the Deegan Family gravesite, owner Rose Deegan NOTE: This is in red as I have not placed this infant. Rose Clinton Deegan would have been 52 yrs old in 1915, (impossible?) DIL Anna Deegan’s last child was born in 1912, but an infant born in 1915 would have the second William, the first was alive and 15 yrs old. Neither sons, Joseph or James had children.

1915 – Death of William Deegan, husband of Rose Clinton Deegan, listed on 1910 census, but not 1920, where Rose states she is a widow. City Directories list Rose as matron and widow in 1916, no mention of William. Therefore a strong possibility that the death of William (infant?) in 1915, could be mistitled(?).

1915 - FOUND - Death Cert dated 31 Aug 1915, for Deagan (sic), William, White, Married, No Home listed, died at City Hospital, age stated as “about 58 mos". Occupation: Laborer. A second look tells us that this was more likely an adult about 58 yrs. COD: Pneumonia, following interstial injuries due to falling from ladder. Contributory: Accident. Date of Burial Sept 13, 1915. Place of burial is impossible to read.

1917 - 06 April 1917 - the United States declared war on Germany and officially entered World War I. Six weeks later, on 18 May 1917, the Selective Service Act was passed, which authorized the president to increase the military establishment of the United States. As a result, every male living within the United States between the ages of eighteen and forty-five was required to register for the draft.

1917 - - - Deegan Family WWI Registration Cards:

1917 - 05 June 1917 – Joseph F. Deegan stated on his WWI Registration Form that he was Joseph F. Deegan, 26 yrs old, birth date = 04 June 1891. Present Occupation: Loco(motive) Fireman for Terminal Railroad, at Arsn., St. Louis Mo. Residence= 3833 Shenandoah Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Natural born, Married with no dependents. Description included medium height, light grey eyes, light brown hair.

1918 – 1919 - Joseph F. Deegan served with Co D 64th Infantry overseas from 8/25/1918 to 6/18/1919 and was honorably discharged. Family stories tell that, even though he reported on his discharge papers that he had no war related injuries, Joseph was never the same person he was before the war. Ten years after his discharge, 1929, he took his own life, at age 34.

1918 - - - Deegan Family WWI Registration Cards:

1918 – 12 September 1918 – William (P) Deegan stated on his WWI Registration Form that he was William Deegan, 37 yrs old, birthdate 17, February 1881. Present occupation: Locomotive Engineer for Terminal Railroad, 318 S. 18th St. St. Louis, Mo. Residence 2827 Hickory St., St. Louis, Mo. Native born, Married to Annie Deegan. Description included: medium height, medium build, blue eyes, dark hair.

1918 – 12 September 1918 – James E Deegan stated on his WWI Registration Form that he was James E Deegan, 19 yrs old, birth date 14 Oct 1898. Residence = 3837 Russell Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Present occupation: yard clerk for the Terminal Railroad, East St. Louis, St. Clair Co., Illinois. Single, nearest relative= mother Rose Deegan, 3837 Russell Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Description included Short height, Medium build, blue eyes, brown hair.

1920 – U. S. Census – Rose Deegan (56 yrs), son Joseph (28 yrs) and son James are living at 3818 Russell with her daughter Laura Deegan Riley O’Rourke and husband James (45 yrs) and their daughter Rose Mary O’Rourke (4 yrs) and several other boarders

1921 - 02 Jan 1921 - Death of Mary Whipperman Yennett Holmes at age 63 yrs old. Funeral from the home of her daughter 2904 Rutger Street, burial 5 Jan 1921 at New Picker Cemetery.

1922 – 09 Aug 1922 - Marriage of Helen M. Deegan to Clifford F. Zapf in St. Louis, Missouri. Clifford had five children from his first wife who died in childbirth along with the infant (sixth child). Helen never had children of her own.

1924 – 07 Aug 1924 - Marriage of James Edward Deegan to Elizabeth E. Delaney

1926 – 01 Sept 1926- Death of James O’Rourke, husband of Laura Deegan at age 51 in St. Louis, Missouri

1927 – Oct 1927 Marriage of Laura “Lottie” Deegan O’Rourke to Arthur Liebrock in St. Louis, Missouri

1928 – 13 Mar 1928 -Death of Rose Clinton Deegan, widow of William Deegan at age 65, buried in family plot at Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri

1929 – 20 Jan 1926 -Death of Joseph F. Deegan at age 34, of Lysol poisoning at his own hand, single, buried in family plot at Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri. Residence: 4064 Castleman Ave., St. Louis, Missouri.

1929 – 27 Apr 1929 - Death of James E Deegan, age 29 yrs, cardiac dilatation, chronic myocarditis. Residence 1412 Louis Ave

1930 Census – William P. Dugan (sic)(son of William and Rose Deegan) age 49 is listed as head of household owning home at 7549 Dale Avenue, Richmond Hgts, Mo. with wife Anna and 4 adult children.

1930 – Marriage of Laura “Lottie” Deegan O’Rourke Liebrock to Arthur R. Bohler

1932 – Marriage of granddaughter Ruth Catherine Deegan to Joseph E Ryan

1933 – 09 Apr 1933 - Death of William P. Deegan age 51, husband of Anna Yennett Deegan, father of William, Walter, Ruth C Ryan and Helen M. Oster, buried in Deegan family plot at Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri

1933 - 11 Nov 1933 - Death of Louise Yennett Bramhall, funeral from Croghan Funeral Home.

1935 - 04 May 1935 - Death of Joseph Bramhall, husband of Mamie Bramhall.

1936 - 18 May 1936 - Death of Theresa Yennett Liebermann, funeral from Schur Funeral Home, Interment at New Picker Cemetery.

1941 – 09 Dec 1941 - Death of William McLaughlin, husband of Mary E (Mazie) Deegan at age 63, 2275 Yale Ave., St. Louis, Missouri

1944 - 02 September 1944 Marriage of Helen Deegan and Thomas W. Oster

1944 – 23 September 1944 – Death of James Deegan, son of Patrick and Catherine Towell Deegan at 78 yrs old of Hypertension and Arteriosclerosis.

1947 - 24 August 1947 - Death of John Yennett, brother of Anna Yennett Deegan, funeral from Croghan Funeral Home. Internment at New Picker Cemetery.

1947 – 13 Sept 1947 – Death of Anna Yennett Deegan at age 66, widow of William P Deegan, mother of William, Walter, Ruth C Ryan and Helen M Oster, buried in Ryan family plot at Calvary Cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri

1948 - 07 April 1948 - Death of Arthur Bohler at age 59, husband of Laura Deegan Bohler, internment Valhalla Cemetery.

1953 - 28 Feb 1953 - Death of Laura Deegan Bohler at age 68, widow of Arthur Bohler, funeral from Coughan Funeral Home, interment Laurel Hill Cemetery.

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