Costa Rica 15 -- October 14, 2005
Back in San Jose

By Bob Corbett

Folks, I'm sure you will think I'm crazy, raving about the “true” fact that I was just having so much fun in Quepos / Manuel Antonio, but my craziness got the best of me and here I am.

I did go last night to the Iguana Bar and watch the Cardinals lose to the Astros. Could have done without that and saved lots of money!!!

When I got up at 6 AM today it was raining hard. And I just decided to see about going elsewhere. To realistically do that one has to go back to San Jose. I walked over to the bus station and the ticket window opened at 7 AM. I got a ticket for the 9:30 express bus. I didn't know until I got on that I had a privileged seat, senior citizen seat. A bit more space and right behind the driver. It was great.

I got here and hopped a cab to Casa Ridgeway, which I had looked at the night before I left San Jose. This will be an interesting experience. I'm booked in for two nights now and it is cheaper than my Quepos place. I have a private room, but I do share the bathrooms and showers with others, and they are just across from my room.

This is very nice in that there are two very large and quite attractive public rooms. One is a reading room with nice lounge chairs and lamps, and another is a very large library with lots of books and tables and such.

Very clean and pleasant place. Most of the rooms are large dormitories, but I did take a single room.

I am exploring my options, and it is after 3 PM and all I've had to eat all day was a small bag of grapes I purchased at a bus stop along the way. I'm going to cut this short today and go eat, and then go home early to bed. I'm really exhausted.

The bus ride from Quepos to here was spectacular. Such a lush and gorgeous country. Marvelous scenery.

Okay, it's time to splurge and find myself a nice meal. Ah, back to the restaurant I went to my first day in San Jose -- just a few blocks from here.

I'm sort of leaning toward going over to a town on the Caribbean coast, but there is a gigantic carnival like celebration this weekend, which will be a huge drinking blast, which I don't care for, and rooms will be harder to get, so I'll probably wait until Monday to go if that's where I choose.





Bob Corbett