Costa Rica 29 -- October 28, 2005
Back to Quepos / Manuel Antonio

By Bob Corbett


Early this morning I donned my long-sleeve tee-shirt, heave sweat shirt and added my rain coat even though there was no rain, but I was freezing. Soon the bus came and I headed off here back to Quepos on the central Pacific coast. I got off the bus and about collapsed with the heat. Off came the coat and sweater, and as soon as I got to my room I took off the long-sleeve shirt. I still have my long pants on, but they get put away as soon as I get back to my hotel.

Iím staying at the Hotel Sanchez. It is $1.60 a night more expensive than Cabinas Hellen where I stayed before (and loved), but this has better places for me to sit and read, and believe me, in the next 9 days (before I go back to San Jose to meet my son), I am going to take it much more easy and read more. I also have TV in this room, so I can watch the week-endís soccer, and keep up with the news of Hurricane Beta.

Beta will not hit Costa Rica directly. But, Wilma completely flooded Quepos, but now one canít tell that. The hurricanes draw water from the Pacific as well as the Atlantic and it comes back in the form of higher tides and tons of rain. It will most likely start raining here tomorrow.

When I leave here Iím headed to the grocery store which is only one block from my hotel, but I want to stock up on food and I do have a refrigerator, so that will help. Then if it is pouring I can just stay home and read.

I still have two books to read I think, maybe only one left. But, I have a bunch to trade and the book store is also just one block from my hotel. Actually it is about 5 steps, but that would be out the back of the hotel and into the back of the book store, which is back to back with the hotel. Alas, I have to go round the block to get to it.

Iím happy to be back to Quepos. I left my bag and immediately came down to Soda Sanchez to eat and the owner came up and told me they had the soup mariscos (sea food soup) and I got that and oh my goodness, it was stunning and just brim full of delicious soup, clams, crabs, shrimp, octopus, and many other choice bits of delicious fish. A HUGE bowl and two fruit drinks and my bill was under $4.00.

Iím sort of at home here. Itís not a particularly pretty town to say the least, but fun and active streets and sidewalks, neither of which Monteverde had. But I did love my visit there.





Bob Corbett