Italy, Austria, Budapest 2 -- April 16, 2007
Ready to leave for airport, packing list and tentative itinerary -- includes photos

By Bob Corbett

Bob and Sally packed and ready to walk out the door.

We will just walk the four short blocks up the street to the bus stop. This bus (for a mere $1.10 for seniors) will take us to the Metro stop, and the same ticket takes us INTO the airport itself. What an awesome deal. No parking, no inconveniencing anyone for a ride, no fuss. Easy and pleasant trip.

Packing list

Each of us will have one backpack. See photo above. Sally has a small purse that has straps on the back making it a small day bag as well. Each of us have a travel vest with many zippered INSIDE pockets for valuables, so large some small. Some so blasted hidden that even though I wore mine for the month long trip to Greece and Turkey last year, while getting ready for a walk in the park a few weeks ago I found a pocket I didn't even know existed.

In the backpack and travel vest we put:
  1. colored ribbon for suitcases when checking them
  2. always take some food on the plane -- nuts - dried fruit
  3. pedometer and small battery for pedometer
  4. books
  5. pens and notebooks
  6. wine opener
  7. watch
  8. cell phone and charger
  9. if planning any picnic very small cutting board
  10. pocket knife -- spoon and fork for each
  11. small flashlight
  12. two pair reading glasses and sunglasses
  13. light weight rain gear
  14. pillow case for dirty laundry
  15. bounce for suitcase and washing clothes
  16. shoes
  17. socks
  18. extra pants
  19. tee-shirts
  20. long-sleeve tee-shirt
  21. sleeping clothes
  22. underwear
  23. special bag with all shared toiletries -- hangs in bathroom.
  24. small shaving creams last about three weeks.
  25. shampoo conditioner -- small (most places have it in room)
  26. scissors
  27. small bathroom scissors
  28. deodorant
  29. toe nail clippers
  30. cotton swabs
  31. a few bandaids
  32. tooth brush and paste
  33. razor and blades
  34. medicines and aspirin and cough supprants
  35. various non-prescription meds IB Profin, diarrhea meds etc.
  1. colored ribbon for backpack
  2. carry-on purse/bag and vest
  3. food for the plane -- nuts - dried fruit
  4. quart baggie with liquids and gels
  5. book, pens, journal and notebooks
  6. puffs, floss, comb,
  7. translator (5 languages)
  8. coin purse
  9. small flashlight
  10. purell wipes
  11. magnifier
  12. camera (Kodak 3900) and SanDisk ImageMate CF Reader
  13. backpack
  14. socks (extra) and shoes (wear)
  15. extra slacks, pair shorts, skirt
  16. tee-shirts, short sleeve
  17. tee-shirts long-sleeve
  18. blouses
  19. sleeping clothes, slippers
  20. underwear
  21. jog suit
  22. pillow case for dirty laundry
  23. bounce for suitcase and washing clothes
  24. small,light weight cutting board
  25. light weight rain gear
  26. toiletry bag with shared toiletries -- hangs in bathroom.
  27. shampoo, conditioner, gel, brush
  28. cleanser, moisturizer, foundation, blush, lipstick
  29. deodorant
  30. tooth brush, paste, mouthwash
  31. medicines and aspirin
  32. cotton swabs
  33. a few bandaids
  34. toe nail clippers
  35. various non-prescription meds tylenol, benedril, etc

Tentative itinerary list

I say "tentative" since we seldom like to be pinned to a schedule. The only reservations we have made are at the end of the trip in Vienna. Since I know the city well and have stayed in the Hotel Schonbrunn in the past, we did make reservations there.

And once we had those last days booked before coming home, we did pre-purchase tickets at the Volksoper for a performance of Mozart's Zauberflaute (The Magic Flute).

Otherwise we have no reservations for anything. The first place we go will be new to me. We will head to the small village in Sicily where the Sharamitaro family came from and Sally hopes to find some geneological information. We'll just take our chances there. The other places, Naples, Rome, Assisi, Florence, Venice, Halstatt and Graz I know well and have been to each quite a few times and know places to stay.

This allows us day by day changing of the schedule if we are ready move or or wishing to stay longer, or go to some new place not currently in our plans. We just like to travel with that freedom and uncertainty.

Date Day # Start Sleep

4/17/2007 TU 1 plane plane
4/18/2007 W 2 Naples train
4/19/2007 TH 3 Terrasini Terrasini
4/20/2007 F 4 Terrasini Terrasini
4/21/2007 SAT 5 Terrasini Naples
4/22/2007 SUN 6 Naples Naples
4/23/2007 M 7 Naples Rome
4/24/2007 TU 8 Rome Rome
4/25/2007 W 9 Rome Rome
4/26/2007 TH 10 Rome Assisi
4/27/2007 F 11 Assisi Assisi
4/28/2007 SAT 12 Assisi Florence
4/29/2007 SUN 13 Florence Florence
4/30/2007 M 14 Florence Venice
5/1/2007 TU 15 Venice Venice
5/2/2007 W 16 Venice Halstatt
5/3/2007 TH 17 Halstatt Graz
5/4/2007 F 18 Graz Graz
5/5/2007 SAT 19 Vienna Vienna
5/6/2007 SUN 20 Vienna Vienna
5/7/2007 M 21 Vienna/Melk Vienna
5/8/2007 T 22 Vienna Vienna
5/9/2007 W 23 Vienna Vienna
5/10/2007 TH 24 Vienna Vienna
5/11/2007 F 25 Vienna Budapest
5/12/2007 SAT 26 Budapest Budapest
5/13/2007 SUN 27 Vienna Vienna
5/14/2007 M 28 Vienna Vienna
5/15/2007 TU 29 Vienna Vienna
5/16/2007 W 30 Vienna St. Louis




Bob Corbett