Journal 10 -- May 24, 2006
Wild feast -- marvelous Istanbul

By Bob Corbett

Late yesterday afternoon after I sent out number 9 Sally and I went back to the place where we had eaten the day before and we ordered the grilled platter for two. I've never seen anything like it. The platter was 18 - 24 inches long and about 14 inches wide -- like a fairly large waiter’s tray. It was beautifully laid out with each of us facing one half the platter with mirror offerings. Chicken, lamb, pork, all beautifully grilled. In the center was a 6 - 8 inch tall cylinder with flame coming 2 inches out of the top warming it. This burned for about 10 minutes. Mounds of delicious rice, shredded carrots, roasted egg plant, cucumbers, green salad, roasted long medium hot peppers, roasted tomatoes all decorated the platter and heaps of yogurt to dip it in and a second plate of thin and wonderful pita bread. They even had given us a free starter plate of yogurt with spices and pita bread with our FIRST beer. The beers were marvelous large half liter squat bottles of Efes Turkish beer. They went down mighty smoothly and we lingered over that platter for two hours. The chicken came in two sorts: lovely chunks of white breast meat and some chicken wings. Three small and very sweet street cats were begging, one doing everything it could to crawl into my lap. They got the leavings of the chicken wings and while I'm not too sure Sally approved of that but I did prevail upon her to give hers to the cats too.

The tasty and colorful mix grilled
platter for two

Two very happy feasters
Bob and Sally in Istanbul

We were so stuffed we didn't think we could move. As we left we stopped to look at some super sale items at a gift shop just across the narrow street and the man spoke English well and thanked us warmly for feeding “his” cats, but he did point out they weren't really his, just street cats he took care of. Of course I was most sympathetic since I feed half dozen feral cats around my house and possums too.

Some general notes:

Bob Corbett



Bob Corbett