Journal 2 -- May 9, 2006
Athens a day at the Acropolis and big strike

By Bob Corbett

Folks, It's Wednesday afternoon in Athens and I am very tired, just having descended from the Acropolis which was a very long, tiring but rewarding visit to this great site of western civilization.

Then to add to the tiredness I followed that up with a GIGANTIC platter of grilled meat, delicious Greek salad and a couple of huge mugs of draft beer.

I could fall asleep on this computer.

The trip here was fun, but very long. It went from St. Louis, leaving at 1:15 PM Monday to Boston, to Zurich, to Athens, arriving here at 1:30 PM Tuesday afternoon. Long day. The horrid airline food continues to astound me. I ordered the chicken dinner only to discover when I got it that it wasn't chicken at all. As best I could figure it must have been breast of humming bird, and left me wishing I brought along some munchies as I normally do on places.

Arriving here was nice and easy, the luggage was out early, and we flew through passport control and were on our way. We took a public bus into town and once in the heart of the Plaka, which I know fairly well, I was able to take us right to a hotel I knew and got us a very lovely room with a marvelous balcony. Last night we sat on the balcony very late sipping some decent Greek red wine.

[Added later: There is an airport bus which takes one into the heart of the city to Syntagma Square (also called Constitution Square). It easy to just take the X-95 bus from the airport for just 1.40 E and get off at the end, and it is just about a three - four block walk. Just two blocks "down" from the square and two blocks to the left.

The hotel where we stayed was in an area I knew from earlier stays in Athens. I had never stayed a this particular hotel before but we really liked it. You can get info about the hotel at:

Acropolis House
6-8 Kodrou & Voulis Str.
Phone #s 210-32-22-344 - 210 32 26 241

Acropolis House

Didn't find their website but here is nice one from with photos and comments added from visitors. Web page with photos and comments on Acropolis House

[End of addition]

Today had to be one of the most gorgeous days imaginable to ascend to the Acropolis. On and off sun, a lovely breeze, a tiny bit of chill in the air. It was perfect and the visit was deeply rewarding, even inspiring. I hadn't really planned walking up, but am so very happy I did. It was a great experience.

There is no public transport in town today. Athens has a strike by transport workers, and the busses, subway and even taxis are shut down. It's pleasant to see the streets so quiet. Just minutes ago the screaming masses of protesters marched right past the window of this internet place.

We will be here three more days. On Friday evening we will take a ferry boat to Santorini island and will arrive there at 8 AM on Saturday morning.

This has started out as a very lovely trip. Sally is an easy-going pleasant and up-for-anything travel partner and that makes life a delight.

Back Soon,

Bob Corbett



Bob Corbett