Western New York
Area/Section OA Conclave
istory through Memorabilia

By Michael R. Hulsizer, PhD.

1983 Section NE-2C Conclave Patch
1967 Area 2E Conclave Patch
1989 Section NE-7A Conclave Patch

This site contains a virtually complete assembly of the Order of the Arrow memorabilia associated with Area/Section Conclaves in which either Ganosote 159, Tuscarora 284, and Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Lodge 159 participated. This includes Area 2E memorabilia (1949-1972) as well as Northeast Region Section conclave material from 2C (1973-1988), 7A (1989-1994), 3A (1995-1997), and 5A (1998-2000), and 3A (2001 to present).

All images are represented in color. The vast majority of the items were scanned at high resolution. Included are round and odd shapes, jacket patches, neckerchiefs, slides, and pins are all represented.
Items have been identified using the same approach utilized by the Blue Book. A checklist was included. I did not include lodge flaps issued to coincide with the conclave. An area/section history was also provided including the names of lodges active each year.

The previous version of the site contained pages upon pages of images. This proved difficult to maintain. Consequently, I am in the process of moving the bulk of this material to a book in pdf format. The current book is designed to ensure future additions can be easily integrated into the main body of the text. The new version of the book (see below) is in draft format.

Ancillary materials (scanned copies of paper material such as lodge pamphlets, newsletters, banquet programs, etc) are being scanned and once complete will be accessible using the link below. Please send me scans of anything you might have which you don't see on this site. Click on my name at the top of the site for my email address.

The information on this site would not be possible without the invaluable assistance of many other collectors including Marty Abramson, Don Ames, AJ Block, Ginny Conway, Rob Cunningham, Harry DeBan, Frank Dingwerth, Don Izard, Larry Jones, Keith Lang, Bill Mulrenin, Dirk Norwich, John Reed, Ron Schmidt, Jerry Sullivan, & Dave Zasowski (I am sorry if I left you off the list). The late Roger Lemke was a great resource. Paul Freitag, who passed in 2019, was the person who talked me into the first edition of the book in 2001. He will be sorely missed in the WNY collecting community. Bill Mulrenin has a great blog which often contains images listed before I am even aware of them. Check out his blog. It is a great resource (http://www.nyoatrader.com/blog/).

Please feel free to download and use the book. If you find it useful, send me a couple of lodge flaps. My son is getting into patch trading and he would love a few flaps. Click on my name at the top of the page or on my dupes/needs pages and shoot me an email to get my address.
I need a few more images to complete the book. I also have a few holes in my personal collection and would be happy to purchase or trade for needed items. Check out my NEEDS and my DUPES list. Email me if you don't see something you need. I may not have updated the list.

2020 Draft Version Area/Section OA Conclave Memorabilia Book (.pdf)
Scans of Ancillary Area/Section Paper Memorabilia
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WNY OA Area/Section History and Memorabilia