August 31, 2020

Interview by Amy Marxkors on the Charlie Brennan Show

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Dr Ralph Olliges runs the Ed Tech programs at Webster University

Online Teaching and Learning Certificate

Masters of Educational Technology

MA in STEM Education 


For more information on these online programs, including a program of study, click on ED Tech programs


Some subjects lend themselves to online better than others.

While an online environment may not be ideal to teach mathematics, you can make it work. The tools listed below for interactive sessions can aide in the teaching of the discipline.

One caution, trying to keep students focused for long periods of time to the screen can be detrimental not only in terms of health, but also in terms of learning. Taking short breaks between activites is helpful. Students need to be able to move around and get exercise between the different online activities.


Virtual Field Trips--- to enhance learning

Education World Literary Field Trips ---

Reading Rockets Literary Field Trips - for younger students ---

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips ---

Virtual Field Trips Created by Teachers ---

Tools --- to connect with one another via distance

ExplainEverything --- several districts are using it for math and science classes.

Zoom ---

Web-ex ---

Bluejeans ---

e-Tutor Room ---

Google Classroom ---


Free Online Resources:

The following websites are the prime focus for each discipline. They are links to the major teacher associations that many instructors belong to. When I teach students who want to be teachers, I make sure that they are familiar with these some of these sites, depending upon their desired discipline.  ---- technology --- Click on:  Strategies and Resources for teaching online ----- STEM and engineering --- Click on Big Red Button ----- mathematics ----- Click on Free resources for teaching math online  ------ science ---- Click on External resources, EXPLORE NOW

Acquarium of the Pacific ----- Ocean Activites ---- Click on Educate, then choose Teacher Resources ----- English ---- Click on Get resources ------ science and math – Click on Educators, Online activities, interactive, then activities or lessons; sort by grade level or by subject ------ early childhood

Ben’s Guide to the U.S. government ---- civics

Khan Academy for help with mathematics

Some Other Resources: The following are other resources from some other organizations that you may find helpful.

Learning Tech Skills: The following are other resources to help learn the technology.