12 Jan 1993

Museum International

‘Museums of War and Peace’ was a feature article in Unesco’s Museum International magazine, volume 45, issue 1. Museum International is an academic journal that promotes the exchange of information about museums and cultural heritage on an international level. The journal aims to foster knowledge-sharing through interdisciplinary research and best practices for the protection of […]

16 May 1993

Friedensmuseum Wolfsegg

Wolfsegg, Austria – The first peace museum in Austria was officially opened on 16 May 1993 at Wolfsegg. Museum director was Franz Deutsch. This followed the succesful “Friedensmuseum im Aufbau” (peace museum in the making) exhibition of 1992. Friedensmuseum Im Afbau – exhibition brochure (PDF, 4MB)


Study Tours

In 1993, the year following the first INMP Conference, several peace museum study tours were undertaken by INMP members. Hans Peter Kürten, director of the Friedensmuseum Brücke von Remagen, organised a peace museum tour for German INMP members, visiting sites in Germany, France and Switzerland. Kazuyo Yamane was staying in London in 1993 and took […]

9 June 1993

Bertha von Suttner Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland – The opening of the Bertha von Suttner Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland, provided an opportunity for network members to meet again after the 1992 conference. The exhibition marked the 150th anniversary of the birth of Bertha von Suttner. Amongst those present were Franz Deutsch, Peter van den Dungen, Margaret Glover, Anne Kjelling, Adolf […]

10 Dec 1993

Artists for Peace

Geneva, Switzerland – Artists for Peace was an international association, connecting people who wished to promote world peace through art. It was founded on 10 December 1993, following the succesful Bertha von Suttner exhibition “Die Waffen nieder!”, organised by the League of Nations Archives at the Library of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. In […]