7 June 2002

Jan Bloch’s Peace Museum

Lucerne, Switzerland – The centenary of the opening of the world’s first peace museum was commemorated in Lucerne on 6-8 June 2002. The program of events was made possible through the enthusiastic support of Dr Walter Troxler of the Swiss federal army education centre for higher officers (Armee-Ausbildungszentrum Luzern, AAL) and Patrick Deicher, curator of […]

9-11 September 2002

INMP at the UN

United Nations, New York, USA – Joyce Apsel represented INMP at the 55th annual conference organised by DPI/NGO, which was held at the UN in New York in September 2002. Over 2300 NGO representatives from more than 700 organisations based in 81 countries attended the conference, which focused on rebuilding societies emerging from conflict. Together […]