Introduction to psychology

Instructions for the Term Paper: Note that one of the major purposes of the paper is to facilitate your learning of APA format. Thus, you will need to become familiar with this publication format. We will discuss the format in class but you will also need to consult the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th ed.) (the library has copies). Note that all journal articles for APA journals such as the American Psychologist are written and referenced in APA format. Forty percent of your grade will be related to your use of APA format.

While you may already be familiar with the concept of a literature review and what it entails, I would like to just reiterate some basic information.

For more information, see also: Bem, D. J. (1995). Writing a review article for Psychological Bulletin. Psychological Bulletin, 118, 172-177.

More info about literature reviews can be found at including a good handout which can be downloaded at

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