Aging Quiz - Answer

About 80% of older people say they are healthy enough to carry out their normal daily activities independently

Answer: True - The vast majority of older adults have no increased need to depend on others any more than they did at other points during their adult years. They might need more help if they decide to move the furniture or reading fine print in a dimly lit restaurant. One does not see great impairment except as a function of illness (someone has a stroke, and they will need care regardless of whether they are 30 or 80), injury, or very old age (as one moves closer to early their early nineties). Even those over 100 years of age may not need any significant assistance from friends or family.

Not only are older adults not significantly more dependent than young adults, but they are also highly capable of engaging in professional activities, work, new career, etc. This is highlighted by the fact that since the late 1960s, volunteerism among older adults has quadrupled, from 11 percent to 40 percent. One out of three individuals over the age of 75 are involved in volunteer activities.

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