Aging Quiz - Answer

Rarely does someone over the age of 65 produce a great work of art, science, or scholarship.

Answer: False - The creative and scholarly work of older adults is truly amazing. One study, demonstrated that the sixties (age not decade) are the most productive years for historians, botanists, inventors, philosophers, and writers. Whether it is Goethe finishing Faust at 82, Michelangelo finishing the dome of St. Peter's or Cervantes writing Don Quixote in old age, the evidence for great works after 65 is clearly apparent. I. F. Stone authored of The Trial of Socrates while in his eighties. In his acknowledgements, he wrote,"Finally, I pour a libation to my Macintosh word processor. Its large fat black 24-point Chicago Bold type enabled me to overcome a cataract and write the book." - thus, shattering many of the myths concerning aging.

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