Aging Quiz - Answer

Older adults are incapable of learning new information; you can't teach an old dog new tricks

Answer: False - Older adults are capable of learning new information (as demonstrated by the number of older adults who are highly computer literate and actively involved on the WWW). There is some research that states that older adults may take a little longer to learn new information and may use different learning strategies (probably the result of generational differences). Research on memory (obviously highly related to ability to learn) is highly contradictory concerning changes with age. Research has clearly demonstrated, however, that the memory performance of healthy older adults can be improved with memory training. Thus, an older adult who is concerned about their memory might want to consider a memory training course/seminar. Finally, individuals who note a decline in memory during midlife should look to the largest contributer to temporary memory problems - stress! With increased stress, memory abilities do show a dramatic, but temporary, decline.

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