Women's Intellectual Contributions

to the

Study of Mind and Society

To illustrate the fact that statements such as these failed to deter ALL women:

Women such as Christine Ladd-Franklin, Ruth Fulton Benedict, and Ida B. Wells have traditionally been omitted from the histories of their disciplines. This webpage is designed to re-place women into the history of psychology, sociology, anthropology, and social work. Students, as part of an advanced seminar, examined and wrote about the lives of these women, their intellectual contributions, and the unique impact and special problems that being female had on their careers. This webpage represents the culmination of these students' work.

Society of Experimental Psychology - Women were not admitted until after the death of the Society's founder, E. B. Titchener, in 1929. Can you find Margaret Floy Washburn?

For more information about this seminar, contact Linda M. Woolf, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology at Webster University.

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