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#3: Hugh Cave's writings on Haiti: From Bob Corbett

>From Bob Corbett

Today I was astonished to discover that Hugh B. Cave had written a novel
about Haiti that I didn't know about.  It is DRUMS OF REVOLT, published
in 1957.  I believe Hugh Cave must be the most prolific writer ever on
Haiti, perhaps he is outpaced by Michel Laguerre, but not many others.

I was shocked and hurried to all the book dealers I knew, but not a copy
was to be had.  Since Cave had donated quite a few items to my library I
contacted him.  He told me he only had two copies of that novel and hoped
that I could find it elsewhere, so I have a new book on my most wanted list!

Cave is now 89 and still writing and publishing on the same schedule he's 
written on since the 1920s.  

After the shock of finding I didn't have all his works on Haiti I've 
printed up my bibliography of Hugh B. Cave.  I would ask any others of
you who are Cave buffs (and I know there are a bunch since many of you
have purchased his books from me!) would you please look over my list
to see if you know of any others I've missed.

My library's current holdings are:

Reference List

	1. 	Cave, Hugh. HAITIAN HINTERLAND. Americas.
Note: Also:  Take To the Haitian Byroads also from Americas.
	2. 	---. LITTLE GIRL IN BLACK STOCKINGS. The Saturday Evening 
Post. 1960 Oct 22.  Note: Sister Joan is model.

	3. 	---. THE MISSION. Garden City, NY: Doubleday and Co. Inc; 1960.
Note: inscribed by Hugh to Sr. Joan.  At Bind 60s V is the original short 
story with color photo.  At Book 325 is a version of the story in 
Reader's Digest Condensed books, 1960.

	4. 	Cave, Hugh B. ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT. Christian Herald. 
1954 Nov.
Note: short story.


	6. 	---. BLACK SUN. London: Alvin Redman; 1961.


	8. 	---. THE CROSS ON THE DRUM. Garden City, New York: 
Doubleday and Co.; 1958.

	9. 	---. DISCIPLES OF DREAD. New York: Tom Doherty 
Associates, Inc; 1988; ISBN: 0-312-93101-8.  Note: Set in Jamaica, but 
much influenced by Cave's
Haiti experiences.  

	10. 	---. THE EVIL. New York: Charter; 1981; ISBN: 0-441-21850-4.

11. ---. FLIGHT OF THE JUNGLE BIRD. Boys' Life. 1956 Feb. 
           Note: short story.

	12. 	---. FORTRESS OF FEAR. 
  			Note: short story.

London: Alvin Redman; 1962.

	14. 	---. HAITI: HIGHROAD TO ADVENTURE. New York: Henry Holt 
and Company; 1952.
Note: p. 43 mentions the law that one must wear shoes in P-a-P.  Thus 
this was not a Duvalier law.
p. 60  "Madame Michel" grass in Central Plateau.  The name long pre-dates
Michel Duvalier.
p. 262  Voodoo festival  at Nan Campeche near O Kap.  Begins Epiphany for
one week.  Fete St. Michel follows nan Campeche.
p. 270  Caves of Dondon  Grotto pour les Dames.  carved statues, stone
figures, probable pictographs.

	15. 	---. THE HUNTER AND THE HUNTED. The Saturday Evening 
Post. 1956 Mar 31. Note: short story.

	16. 	---. ISLAND GIRL.  1961.
Note: short story.

	17. 	---. LEGION OF THE DEAD. New York: Avon Books; 1979; 
ISBN: 0-380-44669.

	18. 	---. LIGHT IN DARKNESS. The Sign. 1952 May.
Note: short story.

	19. 	---. LISTEN TO THE LONESOME DRUM. The Sign. 1951 Feb.
Note: short story.

	20. 	---. THE LOWER DEEP. New York: Tom Doherty Associates 
Book; 1990; ISBN: 0-812-51645-1.

	21. 	---. MOB VICTIM. The Saturday Evening Post. 1958 Aug 23.
Note: short story.

	22. 	---. MOUNTAIN MAGIC. The Sign. 1954 Oct.
Note: short story.

	23. 	---. ON VOODOO. 

	24. 	---. ONE FRIDAY MORNING. Christian Herald. 1956 Jul.
Note: short story.

	25. 	---. ONE TOUCH OF MAGIC. 
Note: short story.

	26. 	---. SAN MARLO INCIDENT. The Saturday Evening Post. 1956 
Oct 6.
Note: short story.

Note: short story.

	28. 	---. SECOND WIFE. Redbook Magazine. 1958 Dec.
Note: short story.

	29. 	---. SERPENT IN THE SUN. Collier's. 1955 Jun 10.
Note: short story.

	30. 	---. TERROR MOUNTAIN. 
Note: short story.

	31. 	---. VOICE OF THE DRUMS. The Sign. 1954 Jan.
Note: short story.

	32. 	---. VOODOO VILLAGE. Boys' Life. 1959 Jun.
Note: Short story.

	33. 	---. WEDDING IN HAITI. American Magazine.
Note: short story.

York: Doubleday and Co.; 1963.

	35. 	---. WOMAN IN THE SHRINE. Red Book. 1957 Feb:36 ff.
Note: short story.

	36. 	Parente, Audrey. PULP MAN'S ODYSSEY:  THE HUGH B. CAVE 
STORY. Mercer Island, WA: Starmount House; 1988; ISBN: 1-55742-039-4 (hard)
1-55742-038-6 (paper).  Note: Life of Cave.