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#7 Our request for information on travel and deforestation :Brothers asks again, a different question this time

From: Timothy S Brothers <tbrother@iupui.edu>

To all those who sent responses to our request for information about
places to stay, sources of information, etc., relevant to a vegetation
study in the Haitian border zone:  Thank you very much!  We will respond
to many notes individually, but want to send a general note of

While we're at it, we will ask another question.  We had problems last
summer getting a 4WD rental vehicle in the Dominican Republic, not only
because there were surprisingly few to rent but especially because the
insurance wouldn't cover them in Haiti.  What is the feasibility of
renting one in Port-au-Prince and crossing back and forth from the Haitian
side?  If nothing else, we will rent separate vehicles on each side; but
the most efficient thing would be to rent once and cross where needed.  


Tim Brothers
Jeff Wilson