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#6:: Good News from Haiti: A response to Durban responds


I got home early this morning and enjoyed our conversation in Haiti.  I have 
been reading your comments to Poincy and appreciate your views.  I doubt that 
either of you will alter your positions and for the record I endorse your 
thoughts.  Granted a dollar earned by assembling imported components is not 
as desireable as assembling products made from local raw materials, but the 
workers would assert that a job is a job and the dollar earned will buy rice 
to feed a family today.  I am no longer interested in the "big" picture or 
long term solutions because none of them will work until the political system 
becomes focused on progress.  Until then, I intend to continue to help in my 
own small way.  I am not responsible for changing the government.  Let those 
who can (be it peasants or the wealthy) do it.  
 I would like to talk more about the boats and hope to visit you on my next 
trip in August.  I am leaving for Alasla on Monday and will be back on July 
John (330) 854-0708