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#87: frequency of shots in Haiti (fwd)


Dear Corbetland,
Can a doctor, a nurse , or someone in the medical field help me figure out 
why injections (piki as we say in Creole) are administered so frequently in 
Haiti? The only time I or my children get injected here in the U.S is to get 
It seems that in Haiti, every medicine comes in form of injections.
My mother was a nurse in Haiti. I remember  she is used to give me those 
injections with those big needles for no reason. I don't think I was even 
sick then. Why is that?
Many Haitians  in the U.S even lament that doctors here  are not as competent 
as those in Haiti because when you go to them they don't prescribe you any 
medicine or even give you a "piki". (injection)
Can someone please  comment on that phenomenon?