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#88: Final version (we think!) of Hugh Cave bibliography of writings on Haiti.

Earlier this week I posted a version of a bibliography of books, articles
and stories which Hugh B. Cave has published on Haiti.  Since then I've
been working very closely with Hugh.  He found some new items and so did
I.  Actually my items came from him about ten years ago when he sent
me a bibliography that had some items he missed on this round.

At any rate, we traded info and worked up what we think is a full version.
Now, of course, any one of you can find an item we've missed and send
us back to revision!  More likely is that Hugh Cave will write more material.

Cave is now 89 years old, well, living in Florida and, most amazing,
still writing at his daily level.  Since he was a very young teen-ager 
he's followed a pattern of writing a certain number of words every day.

He's published more than 800 short stories, a dozen or more novels and
several non-fiction books.

His main genres are horror, suspense, risque mystery and the like.  He
lived in Haiti for the better part of 4 or 5 years in the 50s and wrote
his non-fiction marvelous book, HAITI, HIGHROAD TO ADVENTURE.  Then he
began to write short stories and horror fiction with a Haitian theme.

About two years ago he received a life-time achievement award from
the Horror Writters World Association, an achievement of which he is
very proud.

I urge you to take a look at the massive bibliography of his writings that
have some "Haitian theme or focus."  For some reason, and I've never
remembered to ask him why, he often uses fictional names as his location
for a story or novel (as in his well-known THE CROSS AND THE DRUM, for 
example), yet it is transparently Haiti.

At any rate, you can take a look at:


for the full bibliography, at least as we know it just now.

If anyone ever comes across an extra copy of his 1957 novel,
DRUMS OF REVOLT, that's one of the very few pieces of his Haiti corpus
which I do not have.  I'd love to find that one.

Thanks,  Bob Corbett